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Canton-McKinley Rifle and Pistol Club, Inc.

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Postal Address: P.O. Box 1330
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Club Address: 5527 Tyro St NE
Canton, OH 44721

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The Club

The Canton McKinley Rifle and Pistol Club was formed in 1926, and has grown each year since. It is known as one of the best in the country. In 1998, the National Rifle Association named Canton McKinley the "Top Shooting Club in the U.S.A." We are members of the Ohio Rifle and Pistol Association and the Stark County Federation of Conservation Clubs. Most Club members are also members of the National Rifle Association.

The object and purpose of this organization shall be the encouragement of rifle and pistol shooting with a view toward a better knowledge of the safe handling and the proper care of firearms, as well as improved marksmanship for our youth as well as our adult members. It shall be our further object and purpose to forward the development of those characteristics of honesty, good fellowship, self discipline, team play, and self reliance, which are essentials of good sportsmanship and the foundation of true patriotism.

A Board of Directors governs the operation of the organization. This Board is composed of fifteen (15) elected directors and three (3) officers who are not directors, plus three ex-officio directors from the various Club leagues.

The Facilities

The Club is situated on eighty (82) acres of its own land. A fifty-foot (50') indoor range is available with fifteen (15) firing points that may be used for air pistol, air rifle, and small bore rifle of .22 caliber. In addition, pistols using .22 caliber rim fire up to .45 caliber center fire ammunition may be used. All center fire ammunition must be loaded with soft lead bullets at "reasonable" velocities. No full metal jacketed ammunition or high power magnum loads are allowed.

There are three outdoor ranges. The “Rifle Range” has ten (10) covered benches and two additional (2) covered firing points that can be used for smallbore and high power rifle or pistol shooting. There are also twelve (12) covered firing points forward of the benches for use in organized position rifle matches. There are target stand holders at one hundred yards (100 yd) and two hundred yards (200 yd). The “Pistol Range” has eighty-seven (87) firing points for twenty five yard (25 yd) and fifty yard (50 yd) rifle or pistol shooting. The 25 yard target holders have a turning mechanism for use in organized pistol competition. The “Multipurpose Range” has twelve (12) covered firing points. There are 12 target holders at 50 yards, shooting at closer distances is permitted on this range. Any caliber, smaller than .50 Cal. BMG, may be used on the outdoor ranges. Only paper targets on authorized shooting frames are permitted.

Shooting Programs

Regularly scheduled indoor shooting begins in September each year and lasts until the end of April. Programs include Junior Small Bore Rifle on Tuesday evenings, Adult Small Bore Rifle on Wednesdays, Junior Air Gun on Friday and Saturday evenings, and Bullseye Pistol Leagues on Tuesday mornings and Thursday mornings and evenings. On the first Sunday of each month an "1800" Bullseye Pistol Match is held, and on the second Sunday of each month Air Pistol and Rifle matches are held. Monday nights are reserved for weekly maintenance and monthly board meetings, but may be used for pistol practice if there is no conflict with these scheduled activities. Indoor bench rest matches for .22 rim fire are held on Saturday, twice monthly.

The outdoor ranges are open year round for all members with a few exceptions. During the summer season (May through August) the Pistol Range is managed by the pistol leagues on Tuesday and Thursday for Bullseye Pistol League activities. On Wednesday the Rifle Range and Multipurpose Range are managed by the rifle league for matches. During these periods all members are permitted to shoot alongside the organized activity participants, but must use the same types of firearms and abide by the range commands of the league managing the range. There are two one day pistol matches, the Governor’s Trophy and the State Championship during the summer when all the ranges are closed. The ranges are also closed during the week of the annual Regional Pistol Match, held in early July. Ranges may be closed down on a spot basis, generally on Monday for mowing or other maintenance. There may be other special matches and events that make it necessary to limit access to the outdoor ranges. Advance notice of these is given in the "Spotting Scope", the Club's monthly bulletin.

Guests are permitted on the ranges with members after signing a liability waiver. They are expected, as are the members, to observe all safety and range rules published by the Club and dictated by common sense. 



Membership is open to persons who are eighteen (18) years of age or older. Endorsement by two current Club members one of which is a Board of Director and the other is a member in good standing is required after which an applicant's name is published in the monthly Club bulletin for review. Given no unusual circumstances or contrary opinions, the applicant may be accepted for membership. Junior membership is available for persons who are between twelve (12) and eighteen (18) years of age with the consent of parent or guardian.

New members are assessed a one time initiation fee, currently set at 75% of the annual dues (plus appropriate sales tax), and are required to pay a portion of the regular annual dues pro rated from their date of acceptance to the end of the club year. The regular club year is March 01, through the end of February.

Active membership is renewable yearly. Annual dues are ninety-five dollars ($95) plus 6.5% sales tax. Lifetime membership is available at any time for a one time payment equal to fifteen times of regular dues at the then current rate plus 6.5% sales tax.

All new members are required to attend an instruction and certification class before being allowed use of the firing ranges. A demonstration of shooting proficiency may be requested. Copies of Club by-laws and range and safety rules are given to each new member. Since the Club grounds are restricted behind a locked gate each member will also receive the gate lock combination for access to the outdoor range.

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