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Club Activities

As you can see below the club has many activities that take place at different times on different days

Rifle / Pistol Frame drawings

Click here to download the demensional drawings to build your own!

Bullseye / NRA conventional pistol

    Bullseye, also known as conventional pistol, is a shooting sport in which participants shoot handguns at paper targets at fixed distances and time limits. A number of organizations, including the NRA and Civilian Marksmanship Program in the United States, have established rules and keep records for these sports. Emphasis is on accuracy and precision. The sport is primarily popular in United States and Canada. Bullseye pistol was the inspiration for the ISSF international 25 m Standard Pistol (82 feet) event and like the ISSF pistol events, the development of skills required to shoot one-handed at 5.5-inch (14 cm) and 8-inch (20 cm) bullseye targets at 25 and 50 yards (23 and 46 m), respectively, takes considerable training to achieve proficiency. (source Cunningham, Grant (27 December 2012). Gun Digest Shooter's Guide to Handguns. Iola, Wisconsin: Gun Digest Books. p. 235. ISBN 1-4402-3272-5)
  • CMRPC Pistol League (Tuesday)
    • Using the NRA National Match Course of fire, 30 shots (Slow, Timed, Rapid) for a complete score
    • In this league you are in individual shooter who is competing against others in the same classification

  • Stark County Pistol League (Thursday)
    • Using the NRA National Match Course of fire, 30 shots (Slow, Timed, Rapid) for a complete score
    • In this league you are a member of team whose score will be combined with other teammates to shoot against other teams regardless of your classification


  • High Power
    From April through October a series of outdoor high power rifle matches are held on Sundays

    Regional Course Matches
    • Four of these 80 shot matches are held consisting of 5 sighting shots, 20 shots standing (slow fire, 200 yard reduced), 20 shots sitting or kneeling from standing (rapid fire, 200 yard reduced), 20 shots prone from standing (rapid fire, 300 yard reduced) and 20 shots prone (slow fire, 600 yard reduced). Rapid fire stages include a reload (2+8 or 5+5) within the allotted time

    Prone Course Matches
    • Two of these 60 shot (plus sighters) slow fire prone matches are held

    Infantry Team Matches
    • One of these is held, modified as an individual event

    Curio and Relic Matches
    • Seven of these 30 shot (plus sighters) matches are conducted

  • Rim fire
    Course of Fire
    • The A-23 / 5 5 Bullseye 50 yard target will be used at 100 yards for score. 55 shots on each bull 4 each and unlimited sighters in 25 minutes. Two targets will be fired for an aggregate of 400 points per match

    Precision Target Rifle
    • Anschutz target rifles, Winchester 52A, B, C, D, E target rifles. Any rifle with a 3/4" diameter bull barrel glass bedded and ounce triggers
    • Scope Class - any power scope allowed
    • Iron Sight Class - Aperture circle sight in front and adjustable rear sight (peep)

    Precision Sporter Rifle
    • High quality rifle such as Anschutz all purpose rifle or any 1700 series Anschutz.  Kimber rim fire rifles with heavy bull barrel and stock Ruger 10/22. Heavy bull barrel, Cooper rim fire rifles Sako rifles
    • Scope Class - Any power scope allowed
    • Iron Sight Class - Aperture circle sight in front and adjustable rear sight (peep)

    Factory Sporter Rifle
    • Any rifle purchased for hunting purposes or informal plinking at targets like cans or other fun targets
    • Scope Class - Any power scope allowed
    • Iron Sight Class - Open or adjustable

Air Gun

  • Air Pistol silhouette
    The shooter is firing at small animal figures, made of steel, which emit a satisfying "clank" when hit and fall down. There are four different animals set at different distances. Chickens, the smallest, are set at 10 yards. Pigs are at 12.5 yards, turkeys at 15 yards, and rams at 18 yards.

    A match is fired in 4 stages. Shooters start out at chickens--the closest. He/she has 2 minutes to fire 5 shots to try and knock 5 chickens down. The targets are reset (by pulling on a string), and he/she gets an additional 2 minutes to knock the same five animals down a second time. You get one point for each animal knocked down. It is rare to hit an animal and not knock it down.

    The shooter then moves on to the next stage to fire at pigs, and so on. A total of 40 points are possible. Perfect scores are rare. A relay consists of 40 shots and takes about 30 minutes. Most participants fire more than one relay, varying the gun they use and their shooting position. Serious competitors own several guns, some with scopes, some with iron sights. The shooters are separated into classes by skill levels and the type of gun/sights they fire. Anybody can be competitive at some level.

    Just about any air pistol, and lower velocity air rifles (less than 700 feet per second) can be used--with and without scopes. The matches are sanctioned by IHMSA (the International Handgun Metallic Silhouette Association). You do not have to be a member to shoot in a match, but IHMSA membership is encouraged.

    It is a lot of fun. Come out and see what goes on--you could get hooked!

Junior Programs

  • BB Gun/air rifle
    This program consists of three distinct activities. Junior shooters ages 8 – 15 start by taking a Shooter Education Course that lasts for seven weeks. This course starts in January or February. It is held from 7:00-10:00 pm on Fridays. During these classes the students are instructed in safe gun handling, field and range safety, firearms and ammunition, and the fundamentals of rifle shooting. For this course we use Daisy 499B target quality BB guns provided by the club. The students shoot bench rest, prone, standing, sitting, and kneeling on successive weeks. The sixth week they are given two tests, the Daisy/Jaycee test and the NRA Basic Rifle Course test. Passage of these tests is rewarded with a certificate for each test. The last week they shoot a four-position match for which trophies and ribbons are awarded for high performance in various categories. With the completion of the 2014 year program we had 330 students complete this course since 1994.

    Youngsters, 8-15, may continue shooting in the BB Gun program after completion of the class. They shoot for NRA qualification awards and may assist with the subsequent Shooter Education Courses.

    The third phase of the program is three-position sporter air rifle. This program meets at various times depending on the time of year, however they usually meet on Friday evening and/or Saturday evening. We switch shooters from BB gun to air rifle as soon as they are big enough to handle the air rifle and have demonstrated proficiency with the BB gun. In this discipline Daisy CO2 .177 caliber sporter air rifles, also provided by the club, are used. This program is a competitive program. Every year we shoot “postal matches,” monthly matches at Camp Perry, and the NRA Sectional Match. We have had a number of shooters who qualified for the state team, which goes to the NRA National Competition, at these Sectional Matches. We have also sent our own team to the National Competitions. In 2013 one of our shooters won an all expense paid trip to the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs by winning the Region 7 American Legion Championship. Shooters may continue in this program through the age of 20. Recently we received a donation of a number of precision air rifles and plan to start competing in this category this year.

    Classes are conducted by experienced competitive rifle shooters supervised by a Certified NRA Rifle Instructor. During the basic classes each shooter has “one on one” supervision.

  • Small bore rifle program
    The Small Bore program is for juniors who are age 12 or over. This program teaches the same material as the BB Gun/Air Rifle Program using .22 caliber rim fire rifles. The only competition involved is internal, i.e., the students do not compete with other clubs or teams. Rifles and other equipment are provided. This program meets on Tuesday evenings starting at 6:30 pm. A number of shooters participate in both the small bore and the air rifle programs.

    NOTE: In the case of both the Air Rifle and Small Bore programs, shooters demonstrating proficiency and maturity, may be invited to participate in the senior small bore rifle league activities. We also have relationships with two other small bore rifle programs in the area for those wishing to pursue competition in that discipline.

  • Pistol Program
    The pistol program is open to students 14 and older. We prefer that they have previously participated in either of the rifle programs, but exceptions can be made at the discretion of the team coach. This program is based on the “bulls eye” style of pistol competition and has been quite successful. They have won numerous National Championships and set a number of national records. The team practices on Monday evenings and, as with the rifle programs, shooters may be invited to participate in the senior pistol leagues. Shooters may continue in this program through the age of 20.

    NOTE: Shooters under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or other responsible adult, who must remain on site during the program.