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2017 Regional Results

A total of two hundred and forty-two individuals participated in the NRA Bullseye 2700 competition. Almost half of them also grouped together in teams to form the twenty-nine teams. There were twenty, four member teams and nine, two member teams. Seventy-two shooters participated in the NRA Distinguished Revolver Match. Sixty-one shooters also went to the line for the CMP Excellence in Competition (LEG) match.

Congratulations to Adam Sokolowski (2657-155X) who was the winner of the NRA 2700 Aggregate Match. Adam’s name will be placed on the Frank J. Bickar Memorial Trophy at the club. Second was Greg Markowski (2657-148X). James Henderson (2652-138X) was third.

In the Special Category Awards, John L Rochon (2585-85X) was High Grand Senior. Tony Silva (2567-92X) was High Senior. John Zurek(2651–135X) was High Civilian. Brenda Silva was High Women (2609-96X). Heather Powers was High Junior (2398-51X). Lisa Emmert was High Collegiate (2499-51X)

Our congratulations also go to USAMU Blue which swept the team matches. They won the .22 Match (1184-63X), Center Fire Match (1166-60X), the .45 Match (1160-55X), the aggregate match (3510-178X). In the Aggregate of the team matches USAMU - Grey team took second place (3480-153X) followed by All Guard - Red (3452-118X) placing third. In the Service Pistol Match USAMU - Blue (1134-39X) took first. USMC-Gold (1127-37X) Took second and Springfield Custom Shop took third (1120-30X).

The Distinguished Revolver Match was won by Greg Markowski with a 281-10X.

The EIC (LEG) Match was won by Jason Hedrick with a 284-8X.

The list of individuals we wish to thank for their participation in the events, the shooters, sponsors, vendors, spectators and the many volunteer workers, without whose help the match would be impossible, would fill several pages and I would probably miss someone. The whole is the sum of the parts, and on the whole I believe we had a successful match with help from the Lord who gave us beautiful weather. Thank you all!

Our appreciation also goes to the organizations, individuals, and companies who donated our door prizes or trophies. Donors included:

Larry Carter | Kame’s Sports | Tom Nunley | Karen & Frank Karl | Friends of the NRA | Gourmet Garments
Rorke Ventures | CMRPC | Connie Ash


Safe and Happy Shooting to all,

Tom Brunt, Match Director
Jeff Byham, Chief Statistical Officer


The participants in this year’s Regional Match were truly a first class act and I wish everyone success at Camp Perry and future matches this year. I want to thank Randy Tomac, Neil Kravitz, and Dan Auman for calling the Regional Match… Gary Mohrbacher, the NRA Referee, for putting out brush fires... the Military for morning colors… and the range officers who spent long days in the sun. I hope to see you next year.

Mike Beck, Chief Range Officer


2700 Scores

.22 Slow CF Slow .45 Slow
.22 NMC CF NMC .45 NMC
.22 Timed CF Timed .45 Timed
.22 Rapid CF Rapid .45 Rapid
.22 Aggregate CF Aggregate .45 Aggregate

Match Grand Aggregate
*** All 2700 files combined into one PDF file ***

Team Scores

Team 22 Team CF Team 45 Team SP Team Aggregate *** All Team files combined into one PDF file ***

Service Pistol Scores


NRA Distinguished Revolver Scores


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